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Royal Pay electronic voucher service conditions

  1. Introduction
    1. Royal Pay Europe Ltd., authorized license holder acting on behalf of CFS-Zipp Limited, number: 900798 (“company”, “we”) operating on the Royal Pay platform. Company registered in the Republic of Latvia (registration number: 50103973661).
    2. These terms of service are part of an agreement between you (“customer”, “you”) and the company regarding the service of “Royal Pay” electronic vouchers. When you register in the system, you agree that you understand, accept and undertake to comply with the terms of service, rules about cookies, policy of confidentiality, charges, copyright rules and any changes that you are notified to, and any other documents that you want to accept in connection with Royal Pay's electronic voucher service conditions (collectively, the 'agreement').
    3. The service conditions (“conditions”) can be changed. Notice of any change will be published on the https://vouchers.royalpay.eu/. website.
    4. If you do not respond to the notification of the proposed changes or continue to operate under the modified conditions, we accept these steps as your consent to the new service conditions.
  2. Definitions
    1. Account – client’s unique account on the company's website https://vouchers.royalpay.eu.
    2. Voucher - way of purchasing the required service through electronic payment systems or a non-cash transfer.
    3. Voucher identification parameters - voucher data sent to the customer via a text message: document number - 20-ti digits and password from 6 characters.
    4. Client’s identification – client’s identity approval in accordance with the procedure, specified in system.
    5. Approval code - unique digital sequence provided to the customer by the service operator using an SMS message or self-delivery message to the customer's phone number, specified when you register with the company system, to confirm and activate the document.
    6. Voucher limit – monthly limit for the purchase of vouchers by nominal amount.
    7. Merchant - legal entity that sells goods and services on a web-site and allows you to accept payments using documents as payment.
    8. The general agreement ‒ the primary user agreement for private customers, the terms of which are applied to the customer.
    9. Voucher redeem - online payment of Merchant’s goods/services.
  3. Voucher purchase
    1. The customer who has an account in the system shall choose the nominal submitted on the company's website. Voucher currencies: RUB, USD, EUR. If the customer makes a payment in a currency different from the voucher currency when purchasing the voucher, the currency is automatically converted according to the current exchange rate.
  4. Period of validity
    1. The voucher is valid within 12 hours from the moment of issue. The term of validity cannot be extended. After the expiry date of the document, the company initiates the refund to the customer requisites from which the voucher was paid, minus the services commission of the acquiring.
  5. Voucher redeem
    1. The nominal value of the voucher may be attributed to the purchase of goods/services specified by Companies, which have button of Royal Pay voucher on their web-site. Using voucher as paying method for goods/services purchasing from the traders mentioned above, the Commission is not charged.
  6. Charges
    1. The Commission on the purchase, activation and voucher processing shall be applied in accordance with the company's tariffs specified in the personal account of the Client on company's web-site. The commissions for voucher activation and processing are written off the Customer’s voucher nominal value in a non-accepting manner.
  7. Residual value
    1. If the used amount is less than nominal value, the residual value of the voucher(s) cannot be used for future purchases. The expiry date of the original document refers to the residual value.
  8. Usage/broadcasting rights
    1. Vouchers may be transferred to another person. The receiver gets e-mail with a unique reference and code. The link can be passed on to any person. Disclosure of this information will be deemed for authorization for such person to use the voucher. The owner is liable for such information protection against disclosure; the Company is not responsible for the use of unauthorized vouchers by any person who submitted information at the time of voucher’s use.
  9. Limits
    1. The total limit for purchased vouchers is €250 at a time and €1 500 per year if the customer makes full registration and provides a valid e-mail address and mobile number to a Company. The customer who made the full registration shall be deemed not to be identified person.
    2. The client may allow a total limit of up to €10,000 per year if he/she provides valid personal documents in his account as an identity card and address. These documents must be of good quality, belong to the customer and be useful (address confirmation - no later than 3 months).
    3. Documents necessary for checking the person and address:
        • A passport or a driving license (depending on the customer's residence);
        • Documents certifying the place of residence;
        • Utility bills;
        • Real estate insurance document;
        • Statement regarding the payment of property tax;
        • Bank account statement.
    4. The customer identified after the above documents is considered as the customer who performed the primary identification.
  10. Other conditions
    1. The client can see a history of purchased and redeemed vouchers in his personal office on Company’s web-site. The voucher cannot be replaced in case of loss or theft. In spite of the probability of transmission, voucher shall not be sold or exchanged among the customers.
  11. Voucher activating
    1. The voucher shall be activated at the time of Merchant’s goods/services payment. If the voucher doesn’t activate, contact the customer service department (calling 24/7 +371 67 651 373 or 8 499 677 63 19), via Skype RoyalPay Support, or in writing (to email merchant_services@royalpay.eu) adding maximum details, and we will help you solve the problem.